Love always ... best friends forever / special sister / marvelous mum / lovely neighbour / darling daughter etc.!


This set comprises a Mint & Marigold candle, a Rose & Lavender candle and a gorgeous rusted hanging heart, made in England by Rusty Letters.




90g Mint & Marigold soy wax candle in a tin,  a kitchen garden blend to uplift spirts.


90g Rose & Lavender soy wax candle in a tin, a walled garden blend to calm and soothe.


A rusted heart decoration to hang on a wall, beautifully hand made and left to rust naturaly. If kept outside the rustying process will continue, or  you can hang it inside, it will look pretty anywhere! Please be carefull holding and hanging the heart as some of the rust may come off on your hands / walls.


The gift is packaged in a kraft brown box lined with white tissue paper and tied with beautiful calico ribbon in a lovely lemon yellow, hand-dyed with ivy by @thehouseatthecornerofthewood.

Love always