This set of 6 pine cone firelighters can be used to help light open fires and log burners. They are made from natural soy wax, orange & cinnamon essential oils and fir cones.


Thank you so much to @thecozyclubx for sharing with me how to make these lovely firelighters, you can have a go at making your own too - see Chris's wonderful  You Tube channel, below, and you can also follow her lovely account on instagram!


They smell gorgeous, even just looking pretty in  a bowl by your fireplace waiting to be used.


I thought they'd make a great Christmas gift, and I use them at home and find they really do work! Because you light the wick, you manage to get a flame that hangs around long enough to take light in the fireplace.


They come in a box of 6, tied with with string.


Simply place the firelighter on a sheet of newspaper in the hearth and build your kindling around it. Once ready, light the wick to start your fire.  Please follow any instructions for your log burning stove and check with your stove manual / help line re using firelighters safely.


Keep out of reach of children and pets, only burn in a prepared hearth, they should not be lit anywhere else as the fir cone will go up in flames and is designed to catch light within a fireplace.  Please note that these are firelighters and not candles.

Fir cone firelighters