Introducing the Deck the halls gift set - Christmas in a box!


The candles are in 100g French glass yogurt pots and are in the following seasonal favourites:


Winter's Morn soy wax candle with Frankincense & Myrrh essential oils. A special blend which is meditative and restful.


Winter Woodland soy wax candle with essentail oils of Pine Needle & Cypress. A rejuvinating blend, reminicent of a stroll through a frosty forest.


Winter's Eve candle with essential oils of Orange & Cinnamon. A warming blend, Christmas in a candle!


Lovely hanging pinecone decorated with biodegradable glitter on a plum colored 'twool' string by @thehouseatthecornerofthewoods .


Beautiful botanical postcard by @anniebrougham.paper with Deck the Halls written in the middle.


A gorgeous muted green wild ivy dyed calico ribbon ties the box, hand-made by @thehouseathecornerofthewoods and could be used later for all manner of lovely things. Not to be machine washed.


Let me know if you'd like me to write a special message to a special someone, which I'll write on one of my pretty candle care cards,  The gift is packaged in a kraft brown box lined with green tissue paper.

Deck the Halls festive gift set